Channing Tatum

Why Channing Tatum is hoping for mischief

A-LIST movie actor Channing Tatum joins a trail of celebrities with the imminent launch of his own vodka brand. But, as he told delegates, he has created an alternative identity that resonates with his own values rather than “power and celebrity”.

The result of Tatum’s passion project is Born And Bred, a home-crafted vodka made from Idaho potatoes and the glacial waters of the Grand Teton mountains, and bred by Grand Teton Distillery. It launches in Europe next month.

“When Channing brought this to us we quickly realised that we were in a crowded market,” said Larry Vincent, chief branding officer of United Talent Agency. “Our mission was to stay authentic to Tatum’s vision and tell a less formal story of a drink that friends could share together. It wasn’t a brand for contrived environments.”

Vincent said that the whiskey brands, such as Jack Daniel’s, are much more successful at harnessing the power of storytelling to create a strong brand attachment than vodka brands.

Hands-on in the creative process, Tatum created a strapline for Born And Bred — ‘Cross my heart and hope for mischief’ — and selected the jackalope, a mythical animal of North American folklore, to represent the product.

“I wanted our storytelling to represent what I do,” Tatum said. “I go to the woods and friend’s houses — I’m not really in the clubs. And I love storytelling. So, for me, it was about creating an identifiable world. I want to do this differently and create a community of real friends.”


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