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‘admit the poverty of your ideas’

INTRODUCING Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu to the Ogilvy & Inspire session Tham Khai Meng, co-chairman and worldwide chief creative officer of Ogilvy & Mather, admitted to being short of superlatives when it came to talking about the multi-award-winning film director.

“’Superlative’, ‘immense’, ‘magisterial’ all seem a bit short of the mark when discussing Alejandro’s work,” he said. “But during an event where great ideas are the main currency, what we really have to do is to allow ourselves to be inspired by him, and admit the poverty of our own ideas in comparison to his. A measure of his talent is that he has won 14 Lions including a Titanium and a Grand Prix — and he didn’t even know until he arrived here this week.”


Talking about The Revenant — the frontier western starring Leonardo DiCaprio, which won the Mexican director his second Oscar in a row —  Inarritu said that the film had caused him multiple problems, many of which he could not prepare for, since they involved working around nature and the weather.

“They were things we simply had to deal with because they were part of the look that I wanted to achieve,” he said. “And then there were the fight scenes with lots of actors, which presented their own set of challenges. Basically, we were dealing with different stuff every single day, such as how to shoot a person on a horse. A horse is very big, so do you pull back? But if you do and you do a close-up on the actor, all you see is their head bobbing up and down.”


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