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R/GA’s new office plan

AT THE Workplace: Creating The Office For The Connected Age seminar, presented by R/GA founder, chairman and CEO Bob Greenberg, the agency’s new global headquarters, and the philosophy behind its move, were explained.

“We wanted visitors to be able to see what R/GA is and what it does as they walk around the space,” Greenberg said. “Adjoining screens deliver that function, while the app we created offers further information about team members, past projects and much more. But as well as creating an environment that is optimised for visitors, it is also meant to allow and encourage great work and collaboration. I never understood why agency networks feel they have to compete instead of helping each other.”

It is the biggest internal project that R/GA has ever undertaken and forms the blueprint for the agency’s 16 other R/GA offices around the world. Alongside that, it is a work in progress. “We have at lest 40 innovations around the building, but our aim is for there to be 100 eventually,” Greenberg said. “It is also the foundation of a new business area for us, which we refer to as Connected Space. Aimed at both retail and offices spaces, it is part of our consultancy offering.”

He added: “But for us, the move was absolutely essential as we now have over 950 employees in our New York office and we could not house that number in our former space.”


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