Iggy Pop


“I’ll get a funeral yacht and party myself to death”

IGGY  Pop, the wild godfather of punk, proved his rebellious spirit had not died despite being 69 years old during his on-stage interview during the 10th Grey Annual Music Seminar.

Confessing that he used to be “loony”, he said, in the words of Dylan Thomas, that he does not plan to “go gentle into that good night”. “I don’t think I want to have a stroke. And if I was told I needed surgery, I would  never, ever let anyone get inside me with a knife,” he said. “Instead, I’ll get a funeral yacht and party myself to death.”


Talking with Grey London CCO Nils Leonard, the audience heard he recently released an album that made the Top 10 in several countries, that he is supporting by an international tour.


And despite being almost 70 years old, he still jumps off the stage when performing.


Having featured in several advertising campaigns, Leonard asked whether he had a similar no-holds barred approach to today’s advertising business.


“I’m fascinated by advertising. I remember hearing one of the Stooges’ tracks behind the voiceover of an ad,” he said. “But it took me almost 30 years to realise I should have been paid for it.”


Iggy admitted he hated the TV advertising he saw as a child. “Some were grotesque.”


And although he agreed the creativity has improved hugely in recent years, he was still sceptical about the role of marketing. “In my work, I have a god, which is the public. The public does not like supplicants; they want action.” The marketer’s god is the agency, he said, “who is the voodoo priest. He’ll convince the marketer he can make it rain, and if it does rain, he gets the credit for it.”


He recommended that Volkswagen – recently accused of violating regulations on car emissions – could win back goodwill with an ad that featured “women in bondage whipping the car. This would elicit sympathy.”


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