Raymond Chin, Executive Creative Director, SapientNitro China

Be Bold, Be Curious, Be Human

RARELY can you get consumers to buy stuff purely on the basis of a strong print, or a colourful manifesto film nowadays. Stand-out creative should provoke a consumer to take action or enjoy an experience.

Sparking activity from creativity is what brands should be judged on in our socially-focused and digitally-run age; here are my picks of some contenders who are nailing it and should pick up some metal at this year’s festival:


Ideas which celebrate a brand’s authenticity


I called ‘The Swedish Number’ and connected with a truck driver, who told me about an awesome local pub. It’s such a simple and innovative idea from the Swedish Tourist Association, which had people interact with the brand out of choice.


Working to identify brand purpose, and using the power of creativity to activate an experience will ultimately pave a better future for a brand.


Ideas which solve human-shaped problems


The If Insurance ‘Slowdown GPS’ is one such example, where you can hear the voice of kids nearby to remind you to slow down. Or Softbank’s ‘Analog Innovation’, where they helped elderly folks make sense of modern tech by printing Social Media Newspapers and viewing Phone Video VCR tapes. Genius.


Geico’s ‘Fast Forward’, smartly uses people's impatience with ads to drive curiosity around ads by displaying the beginning and end of the ads, but cutting out the middle.


Very often these are ideas that put consumer experience in the middle of everything; a deep understanding of pain points, and then delight with a solution.


Ideas which challenge and transform an organisation’s business model to make an impact


The audacity of REI, an outdoor sports company, to close their stores and asking people to #Optoutside. Or the Polish Red Cross’s very bold ‘Life After Death' campaign, in which convicted murderers take first aid classes while serving time behind bars. This was to rouse the Polish public to learn first aid, but also to touch on the topic of criminals rejoining society too.


Lastly there is Project Jacquard by Google. This is an industry game changer that transforms everyday objects like clothing into interactive surfaces. That’s the kind of impact we should all strive to make.

These ideas are the toughest to do, and usually require challenging senior client conversations to get started, but boy are they satisfying for both the agency and the client.


If you are still reading this, there is an insane little dark horse that may not win big, but it is just something so crazy, you want to go and try the product. Look up the Pussy Noodle film. (It’s actually a Lady Dynamite promo, complete with Pussy Noodle Food Truck).



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