Nunu Ntshingila and Mark D’Arcy

Facebook to connect world and do ‘amazing things’ with mobile

SOCIAL-media goliath Facebook is hosting today’s Connect The World. Create The World, which will look at how mobile media is transforming brands’ worldwide reach, including into the emerging economies.

Speaking at the session were Mark D’Arcy, Facebook Creative Shop’s chief creative officer, and Nunu Ntshingila, Facebook’s director of Africa, who shared their vision of mobile innovation in the creative space.

Speaking to Lions Daily News before the event, D’Arcy explained how mobile is developing into a powerful tool for producing high-end creative brand messages.


“On mobile, the scale and engagement of our audience on both Facebook and Instagram gives us an extraordinary opportunity to create campaigns that connect the most relevant and rewarding stories to the most valuable audiences anywhere in the world,” D’Arcy said. “The most exciting shift that I’ve seen over the last two years is the increasingly expansive variety of creative spaces to tell better, richer stories in mobile. From slideshow to auto-play video, canvas, 360, carousel and live, the sandbox for creating amazing things in mobile is getting better and easier every day.”


D’Arcy said the next billion people to be connected would be in emerging, high-growth markets. Consequently, the in-team focus was on building for different levels of connectivity. “We are creating products like slideshow, which can be used by big brands and small businesses as a lightweight storytelling alternative to [full live action] video,” D’Arcy said. “This isn’t just about converting traditional TV commercials to images — it’s also inventing entirely new forms of storytelling and utility built for lower bandwidth mobile from the ground up.”

Although Facebook is pioneering game-changing technology with its acquisition of Oculus VR, D’Arcy warned against jumping the gun: “Oculus is mind-blowing but my advice to marketers and creatives is to spend the bulk of their time and energy building for where people are right now. There’s so much to do and we are just beginning to scratch the surface of what’s possible.”



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