Jessica Brillhart

VR will ‘touch everything’ and

make the ‘impossible possible’

GOOGLE has a knack of backing the right horses. So when its vice-president of virtual reality, Clay Bavo, says that “VR will touch everything, not just gaming”, it’s worth paying attention.

In a session entitled Adventures In Virtual Reality, Bavo, a self-confessed VR obsessive, said the technology would have an impact on “travel, communication, storytelling, art, how we think, memory…”

Although Bavo said society is at the very start of its VR journey, he used his session to discuss the impact of various Google innovations, including Google Cardboard, Jump, Daydream and Tilt Brush. He also called on experts to share their experiences of working with VR.

One of them was Jessica Brillhart, principal VR filmmaker at Google. Talking about her experience with the VR camera system Jump, she said: “VR is not like filmmaking. It’s different. The viewer becomes a visitor; the filmmaker becomes a builder of worlds.”

Also called on to share his expertise was Glen Keane, a former Disney animator who worked on iconic films including The Little Mermaid, Aladdin and Beauty And The Beast. In a mesmerising performance, Keane demonstrating Google Tilt Brush by creating a piece of 3D art based on The Little Mermaid. With a few swishes of his virtual brush, he conjured up an on-screen image that could be varied in size and created the impression of having real depth.

Referencing artist Pablo Picasso, Keane said: “What if we could solve professional problems the way we did as kids, when we truly believed in the worlds we created and where the impossible was possible?”


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